The Mitchell 5

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary and Lost/Found Wallet

This past weekend, Harry and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary. We reflected on where we began and how far we have come and that we can't wait for 9 more. We can't imagine our lives any other way. Our marriage, so far, has resulted in 3 beautiful, adorable children, taken us to another country, 4 States and a greater trust in God's provision. This weekend we didn't focus on gifts bought for each other but the gift of each other. Next year will mark a decade of the love we share and has only been achevied through hard work and sacrifice.

On another note about the weekend, we visited the Lakeside Mall and IKEA. The mall is an American-sized mall we are accustomed to in the States. We were a little overwhelmed by all the British people because we live in a small community of Americans. We had a ton of fun shopping. However, we had one sour moment at the end of the evening with Harry losing his wallet. He was frantic and we tried to retrace our steps to no avail. So Sunday morning/afternoon was spent on the phone to the bank and credit card companies. They all responded quickly to our request to cancel cards and reissue new ones. Thank goodness we live in an advanced technological world with safe guards for lost credit cards.

Monday was President's Day so most everything in the States and here on base was closed. We thought the wallet issue was over and taken care of. Well first thing today, Tuesday morning, Harry got a call from the bank when he got to work. This was a bank we didn't need to call because that credit card of his had been in my wallet. This made us nervous but to our surprise, someone had found the wallet and contacted our bank on base because it was the only number in his wallet. Praise God for answered prayers.

This was a true lesson on not worrying and trusting God to take care of us. Life is good and God is even better.

~Tracie for the Mitchell5


  1. Great blog Trace!!!! I love when God sends us little miracles!!! Don't you wish you could just squeeze His neck and tell him thank you! Someday...
    Love, Kate

  2. Wow, God is SO GOOD!!! All the time!! So glad your wallet was found:)